Challenges with Impact is Currently Closed.

Big changes are coming! We'll be back in February 2020.

This course will re-open in Jan or Feb 2020

Celebrating BIG Changes... with a Flash Sale!

After taking on hundreds of students and impacting the lives of thousands of challengers...

Challenges with Impact is about to get an upgrade.

I'm partnering up with Terra Milo, one of my long-time business buddies and the BEST person I know at teaching tech. She takes the frustrating and complicated and makes it step-by-step simple.

Before we upgrade the course (and start charging more) we wanted to give our clients and customers one last chance to get lifetime access at the lower price. 

Watch the above video to get the entire lowdown on the Flash Sale.

Gimme The Bullet Points:

Challenges with Impact is about to get an upgrade! Terra Milo is partnering up with me to uplevel what CWI students are doing.

You can get LIFETIME ACCESS to the existing course AND all new modules when you join today for just $297.

When the 2.0 version opens in January it will cost (at least) $497.

Terra is adding a new module on Tech Setup to give your audience a smooth and powerful experience.

I'm adding a new module on Scale to help you uplevel each challenge and make the leap to paid challenges at the right moment.

Ongoing support! Terra and I hold a Q&A for ALL students every six to eight weeks. 

The 3-Day Flash Sale is closing soon. The time is NOW. 

Flash Sale Closing Soon

Jump in now. Doors will close on Thursday, November 14th at midnight Pacific

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Stop the guesswork... and start creating the challenges your audience wants, needs, and will BUY from!

So you want to run a challenge?

That's GREAT! Challenges have helped me build my business from scratch to our family's primary income stream in the last year and a half. They've helped me put thousands of my ideal potential customers on my email list. And they've converted my audience from lead to PAID CUSTOMER at astronomical conversion rates (seriously, the top conversion I've had on a challenge is 60%!)

My challenges have also massively benefitted my audience. I've seen many lives and businesses completely changed by participating in one of my challenges. People are suddenly able to open up new avenues in their businesses, improve their confidence, and finally create income. 

The long and short of it is.... challenges WORK. 

Challenges are a marketing method that you can feel 100% awesome about. Your audience gets to transform, you get to have fun/connect/enjoy the process, AND let your business grow in giant leaps with each challenge you run.

But as soon as you decide to run your own challenge... there are SO MANY QUESTIONS!

Almost every week I have people asking me how to create their own challenges that will have a true impact on their audience and business.

How do a pick a topic for my challenge?
How much of my information do I give away for free and how much do I keep in my paid products?
How do I get my challengers to stay engaged and not drift out of my challenge?
How do I make the transition from a free challenge to my paid products without feeling awkward and uncomfortable?
How do I get people to register?
etc... etc.... etc...

It's enough to make your head spin!

I know how it feels, I had the exact same questions when I first started using challenges in my business. But I quickly discovered... it's not about the details, it's about keeping in mind the 4 important elements of a challenge that make it truly work:

1.  A message that drives people to register
2.  A setup that encourages engagement and gets people sticking through to the end
3.   A smooth and clear transition from free challenge to paid offering
4.   A powerful promotion plan to get the word out about your challenge

I discovered that if I had these 4 elements in place, my challenges had a huge impact on my audience and my bottom line. I realised that instead of answering people's questions about details (that weren't helping them make the impactful challenges they truly wanted) it was time to teach the underlying concepts and principles that have made my challenges have such a huge impact on my audience and business. 

Once you learn these 4 elements and how to use them to inform the detailed decisions in designing your challenges you will be able to move your business forward by giant leaps instead of inches.

Helping you do just that... is why I decided to create Challenges with Impact.

What is it?

Challenges with Impact is a 4 module online course to create challenges that impact your audience, business, and bottom line.

In each module we cover one aspect of creating impactful challenges:

Module 1: Crafting Your Message

Module 2: Design for Engagement

Module 3: Convert with Ease

Module 4: Powerful Promotion

Each lesson includes exercises that are designed to be done on the spot, so you can apply what you are learning to your business as you go.

By the end of the 4 Modules you will have a fully designed challenge and promo plan to apply immediately in your business. 

You will also know how to build your business from challenge to challenge. This is not just about creating ONE impactful challenge, but rather building your business by leaps and bounds through regular challenges.

What's included?

4 x Modules including practical exercises to apply what you are learning as you go, all the training slides, and recorded Q&A sessions for each module from past students.

Lifetime Access to the Challenges with Impact Course

Special Bonus: 60-minute pure Q&A webinar with me that you will be invited to attend LIVE. (This will give you the opportunity to see how challenges can be applied in many different situations, and learn from each other.)

Special Bonus #2: Facebook Connection Group: Connect with your fellow CWI students to share your challenges, poll people on your ideas, and invite each other to your challenges!

Bonus #3: My Challenge Toolbox (Discover all the tech and tools I use to run my challenges.)

Bonus #4: My Promo Plan and Map (See how I map out my promo-week for each challenge and adapt for your promotion.)

When is it?

This course is completely self-study. When you sign up today you'll find all of the modules ready and waiting for you to dive into. You will retain access for the lifetime of this course, so you can go back through each time you run a challenge.

The date and time for the bonus Q&A webinar will be announced the week after registration closes. If you can't make the time, the webinar will be recorded and added to your course material and you will have the opportunity to submit your questions in advance.

The course is only open for registration until November 14th at midnight PST.

How much is it?

Join Today for only $297 for lifetime access to the full Challenges with Impact course as well as all the bonuses!
(Or $200 if you are a member of Light It Up Video Marketing!)

This is the current price and the next time we open Challenges with Impact it will be higher. 😉

When should I decide?

Really... the time is NOW.

The next time this course opens it will be the 2.0 version (which all past students get full access to) and that means it will be at the 2.0 price. 

If you know you want to do this... join now!

Ready to move your business forward by LEAPS instead of inches?

Jump in now. Doors will close on Thursday, November 14th at midnight Pacific

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The Program

Week 1: Crafting Your Message

You will create the most important part of your challenge: The message. How will your challenge solve a problem or transform your audience member's life? Here you will learn how to enter your audience's world and use their existing motivations to bring them to your work and your world.

When you use the right messaging you will never have a problem finding challengers who are ready to dive in and commit to your challenge.

Week 2: Design for Engagement

Challenges slowly dwindle and die without audience engagement. In this week you will learn how to hit the 4 Pillars of Engagement and design an experience that encourages your audience to take action and complete your challenge.
Here we will also create your challenge delivery plan and choose the right challenge length for your topic and audience.

With the 4 Pillars of Engagement in place your challengers will stick with you to the end and get the full benefit of your challenge.

Week 3: Convert with Ease

You will discover how to make the transition from challenge to paid offering in a smooth and comfortable process. You will learn when to introduce your offering, how to position it, and present it as a logical next step from your challenge.
You don't need to switch to "sales mode" or try to use tactics on your audience, but instead share your offering from the heart.

Instead of feeling sold to, your audience will feel empowered to make the right decision for them. This preserves the connection and good will built during your challenge while making sales.

Week 4: Powerful Promoting

A challenge is nothing without challengers. In this week I will show you how I have grown my challenges exponentially over time. You will learn how to use simple and connected strategies to share your first challenge and grow from challenge to challenge.
You will also learn what to do at the end of each challenge to set up for an even more impactful next challenge.

When you use the powerful promoting strategies you will be able to grow by leaps and bounds from challenge to challenge while doing LESS work each time.

Ready to create challenges that impact your audience, your business and your bottom line?

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Your Questions Answered

You said Challenges with Impact is getting upgrades. Tell me more!

My friend and business buddy Terra Milo is partnering up with me to improve Challenges with Impact. She’s adding a full module on tech setup. This will go through delivery of your challenge, setting up your email service, creating a landing page and more! It’s going to help you create a smooth and powerful experience for your audience (and remove those technical hair-pulling moments). You’ll be able to follow her step by step process to get all setup.I’m also adding a module on scaling up and moving to paid challenges when the time is right. That means you will be able to grow with free challenges and then turn your challenge into an income stream.

Additionally, Terra and I offer ongoing support through a Q&A session held every six to eight weeks.

Will I get access to the upgraded course materials if I join now?


When you sign up today you will get immediate access to the existing course that has helped our students deliver hundreds of challenges to thousands of happy participants. The new modules will be appearing in your course by mid-January when we open again.

Any new material that’s added, EVER, will be available to you as an existing student!
I have no idea what to do a challenge on, will this course help me?

Yes, in Module 1 we dive into how to pick a challenge topic that will both appeal to and help your audience. Even students who start with an idea change it after going through this module and realising they have more powerful (and simpler) topics they can pick.
Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, we have a 7 day no-questions-asked refund policy. If you decide this isn't for you within 7 days of joining, simply send us an email and we will refund your purchase. To support the students in moving forward together we do not offer refunds beyond the 7 day cut-off.
I am a coach or consultant with a service based business, can I use challenges?

Yes! Coaching is a perfect business to use challenges in as it allows your audience to get to know YOU better, and get a solid preview of your work. By having results your in your challenge your audience will get a clearer idea of how you can help, and by getting to know you they will be more comfortable to reach out and get your direct 1 on 1 help. Module 1 will help you choose a topic that best introduces your work to your audience.

Are there any business that DON'T work with challenges?

While most businesses (and particularly online businesses) work really well with challenges, the only real exception is when you are selling art or entertainment direct to the consumer. If your business provides any kind of transformation or change, a challenge will help your audience get to know you and your work. We have had past students in many industries, including (but not limited to): yoga, nutrition, health/wellness, singer/songwriter, dance, art teaching, life coaching, business coaching, money coaching, fitness, wellness, homeschooling, healing, time management, and more.
I don't have anything to sell yet, how will this help me?

You can use challenges to get to know your audience and build your list. You will be able to position yourself in your industry and become the go-to person in your field. When you DO have something to offer your challenges will have established a powerful relationship with your audience.
I'm not sure about the timing. When will you be offering this again?

This is fantastic timing in terms of running a successful challenge. If you join now you can use the next few weeks to take the course and be ready to run your challenge in the New Year when your audience is ready to make a change.

We will be offering Challenges with Impact in January and it will be at least $497.
I'm a member of Light It Up Video Marketing, how do I get my discount?

Check your emails and our private group to get access to your coupon code.
Didn't find your question answered here?

Send me an email at and I'll get it answered! 

Ready to move your business forward by LEAPS instead of inches?

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What Past Students are Saying:

"I offered my (first ever!) free 8-Day Challenge after taking CWI. Following the challenge my audience moved seamlessly into my paid program.

My private Face Book Group members are telling their friends about our up-coming 8-Day Challenge which will lead into the next paid program. Thank you, Niamh,  for the terrific tools provided in the CWI training!

Donna Iona Drozda

Artist/Educator/Creative Coach

"For a long time I wanted to run a challenge, but had no idea where to start. It was daunting.Challenges with Impact took the guesswork out of the whole process, enabling me to envision, create and launch my first challenge - and have fun in the process! My participants were happy with the results, and I'm excited to run it again soon. Thank you, Niamh! So grateful you created this course."

Christine Callahan-Oke
Empowerment Coach

"Niamh's Challenges with Impact course gives you the exact steps you need to take to create and implement a challenge of your own.  

Niamh breaks down the key components of a challenge in a really simple yet effective way so you know exactly how to put all of your ideas together to create a successful experience for your challengers and for you!"

Melanie Nupp 
Functional Nutritionist

"Challenges with Impact helped me to create a step by step blueprint for my challenge.

Niamh's support really helped me to know what turns to take when I wasn't sure what to do next. All of her suggestions were right on, and my first challenge allowed me to grow my list with 150 (very engaged!) potential students and clients.

It went so well, I am adding it in quarterly. If you step into CWI with Niamh, it will change what's possible for your business."

Brighid Murphy
Shamanic Healer/Teacher

"I really enjoyed Niamh Arthur's "Challenges with Impact class".  I actually originally found Niamh through her very popular 30-day Video Challenge which was life-changing for me.  She obviously knows what she's doing because not even halfway through that challenge, I knew I was going to purchase whatever she offers at the end of the challenge.  When she created her Challenges with Impact class, I jumped on it right away.

I can honestly say that I got even more than I had expected.  The course is very well organized, the material is super valuable and highly relevant and Niamh's teaching style makes it a breeze to absorb.

I would highly recommend this class to anyone interested in using challenges to grow their business or community."

Vanessa Naja

"Challenges with Impact is a course with impact. I learned how a challenge works, down to the smallest detail and I learned how to conceptualise what I am bringing to my students and clients. 

Niamh Arthur is unusual in her ability to combine both detail and vision and add a dose of compassion as well. I learned how to guide my tribe along a path that gets them to their goals with a desire to buy my product at the end. 

At this moment, I am putting the finishing touches on a 5-day challenge called “Happy Habits for Your Neck and Shoulders,” which I will launch in about 2 weeks. I have reread and reread the course materials, always finding my questions answered. 

I’ve never felt so confident and intelligently directed in what I’m doing. If you want to launch a challenge, this is the course for you! It is rock solid and inspirational at the same time." 

AnnMerle Feldman
Blogger and Movement Educator 

Ready to create challenges that impact your audience, your business and your bottom line?

Join now. This course is closing on Thursday, November 14th at midnight PST.

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